We develop every political standing without prejudice – based on evidence. Often, this leads to different perspectives on a topic. Only then we do have to decide. This way, we humanists remain committed to our values: rational, liberal and progressive.

However, facts may change. This is common because new knowledge is gained every day. Whenever this happens we reconsider our political standing. However, our core values remain the same. Please, take a look at our mission statement to learn more about our way of thinking.

Our Mission Statement
No Freedom without mutual Understanding!


We are humanists. Here, we want to describe our ideas about what it means to be a humanist, about humanism and humanist politics. This mission statement explains the values and principles which provide the framework and guidance for our political activity. It is in a constant rational-critical and argumentative discourse within our party. We continuously develop it in a democratic manner. The mission statement summarises the principles of the Party of Humanists Germany in accordance with its statutes and the German law on political parties. It is binding for all its regional associations, bodies and members.


Humans themselves, their freedom, their well-being, their happiness and their progress stand at the center of thought and action. Knowledge, reason and ethics emanate from them. Humans act to have a positive effect on themselves and fellow human beings. No dogma or ideology is superior to human welfare or scientific knowledge. Therefore, human self-determination and human rights are also central to humanism and essential components of human rights conventions and democratic constitutions worldwide.

Evolutionary Humanism

We are evolutionary humanists. We assume that processes in the universe follow natural laws. We are convinced that humans can recognise and understand the world through scientific reasoning. We have evolved by natural processes. We are part of nature. As highly evolved beings, we have various natural needs, emotions and desires. We possess the ability to learn and understand. We think rationally in order to act reasonably for ourselves and all of humanity.


We consider the scientific method as the best way to gain universally valid knowledge. We emphasise the interaction of the humanities and social and natural sciences. Scientific knowledge forms the foundation of our technological civilization. It is furthermore the source of human prosperity and quality of life. For this reason, we consider science to be our core competence, alongside education and secularism. We decisively reject pseudo and fringe sciences, as well as esoteric influences on research and teaching.

Freedom and Self-Determination

The foremost prerequisite for leading a fulfilled and self-determined life is personal freedom. People are responsible for shaping their own lives and society. In general, the state should not determine what is right for adult individuals and what decisions they make for their own life. The state does not act as a warden for its citizens. Rather, it has the duty to guarantee and protect the rights of its citizens, personal freedom in particular. In this sense, we are a liberal party.

No Freedom without mutual Understanding!

Solidarity and Justice

Man is a social animal. Its outstanding abilities are communication and cooperation, as well as the ability to learn and the development of culture. Humans rely on mutual help and solidarity. Through the division of labour and even more so through peaceful and cooperative collaboration, each person achieves high performance and progress for themselves and humanity as a whole. As humanists, we also protect and support the weakest members of humanity to the best of our ability. A just society is a successful society. In this sense, we are a social party.

Progress and Future

We are curious researchers and pioneers, do-gooders and shapers of unstoppable change. A humanistic society grows through sound knowledge and its positive impact on human coexistence. We are actively taking control of our own future. In doing so, it is important to realistically evaluate opportunities and risks. Thus, we see transhumanist innovations as an opportunity for as many people as possible to maintain and improve their health and ultimately overcome their biological limitations. We want to sustainably balance our civilizational needs with the available resources. To achieve this, we rely on technological progress to gradually decouple growth from environmental impact. This will make it possible to combat poverty and hunger worldwide and simultaneously preserve the environment, climate and biodiversity for future generations. In this sense, we are a progressive party.

A Humanist Party

Humanists are individuals who orient their thoughts and actions according to what they personally consider to be right and important. We communicate on eye level and do not blindly submit to authority. We conduct disputes on the basis of rationally comprehensible reasons. Worldliness, self-determination, solidarity and tolerance are at the heart of our aspirations. We clarify differences openly and objectively because we assume that every humanist works for our common cause. Our cooperation is characterised by sincerity, trust, reliability, openness and equality.

Humanist Politics

Life in a humanist society is governed exclusively by collectively agreed norms. These emerge from a critically rational and scientifically grounded engagement with reality. We follow the ethics which are constantly developed by humans while disregarding divine or other metaphysical reference points. Humanist politics serve the human being and not any religions, ideologies, dogmas or collectives. It is not guided by group identities, but secures the interests of each individual member of society. We see citizens as enlightened and self-determined. Therefore, we involve people in our work and offer transparent and comprehensible policies.

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